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SereniGy healthier coffee and tea has the most widely used, culturally accepted, recession proof products in the business. This alone makes it a network marketing company worth considering.

However, you also need to consider the long term profitability of a business and realize it is not rooted in a stellar product or compensation plan.  It’s leadership and vision you are after.  With that, everything takes care of itself.

Countless times people have invented products, drafted compensation plans, and took their network marketing company to the market in a promotional fury.  And all too often, a large percentage of the network marketing companies are gone in 2 – 3 years.

These companies who fail may have had good products and a good compensation plan, but they didn’t have a strong, long term vision of where they were going.  Without a strong vision, a company will eventually perish.

What makes SereniGy special is the long term vision and leadership, along with the commitment to make it the most admired and largest network marketing company in the world.  Pairing that with even a modest product and compensation plan can create outstanding results for you in a home based business.

However, SereniGy has a high quality, multi-daily consumable product with a genius twist, along with a generous compensation plan, and a strategic alliance to take the product and opportunity to people all over the world. This is why we are raising eyebrows all over the globe.

If you have even had moderate success in network marketing with supplements, juices, non-essential services, or any other product, you will surely want to check out SereniGy healthy coffee.  Once you fully realize that there is nothing in higher demand that can be marketed so seamlessly as coffee, you will realize that the profit potential is exponentially greater with this type of opportunity.

If you’re still not sure, let’s examine the numbers.

SereniGy Capitalizes on Coffee and Tea

The stats on coffee and tea consumption can’t be ignored. 80% of people are drinking 3-5 cups of coffee every single day, which results in nearly 250 million consumers drinking close to a billion cups every day in North America alone! Globally, that’s 5.5 billion consumers and over 15 billion cups DAILY!

The ability to capture even a measly 1% of the current coffee and tea market globally (50+ million coffee/tea drinkers), which are consuming on average $50/month in coffee and/or tea, has the potential to make us a $30 billion a year company.

With industry leading taste, competitive price, and certified organic ganoderma (health and wellness) in the cup, we have all the pieces in place to capture that tiny 1% in 5-7 years.

The evolution of “healthy coffee” has only begun, and SereniGy is committed to leading the way.

Combine this alone with the global vision of our leadership and you have one of the best profit opportunities in the network marketing industry today.

SereniGy Capitalizes on Health and Wellness

Inside that gourmet cup of coffee and tea, we have added a pure, organic blend of Ganoderma.  When you add this herb to the coffee, you continue to get the energy and clarity that you desire, without any of the typical side effects like the jitters and the crash.

The world is finding out that too much coffee (as little as a cup a day) is causing all types of pain, discomfort, and anxiety.  Once people figure out that they can drink a coffee that provides everything they love about their coffee experience, and helps eliminate the pain and discomfort that often comes with it, it’s only a matter of time before they make the switch and become a part of at the 1%.

It is truly amazing that by simply drinking a cup of delicious SereniGy healthy coffee or tea every day, people have seen improved energy and stamina, restful sleep, less anxiety, improved immune system function, natural detoxification, and much more.

So you can literally roll out of bed, make it to the kitchen to boil water or start the perk, and enjoy your coffee and ganoderma benefits, all in less than 10 minutes.  You can’t make a health impact much more simple, enjoyable and affordable.

Not only that, it certainly is much more likely for a person to continue to drink coffee and tea in tight budgetary environment, than take supplements or drink juice for $100-$200/month!

Check out our growing line of ganoderma products, with 21 already available.

SereniGy Capitalizes on Profit Potential 

Let’s face it, you need to earn money.  Helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle by simply drinking healthy coffee is an added bonus.

SereniGy offers 12 ways to get paid, which rewards home based business owners looking for retail and/or residual income.

Maybe you’re an online retail giant in the making.  Perhaps you can plug into the home based business show circuit.  Maybe you are a confident business networker ready to tap into residual income so you can get out of your job (or provide for your family if you have lost one) and fund an early retirement.  No matter what, it’s your choice on how you do your healthy coffee business.

Learn more about the compensation plan.

A Successful Blueprint

When you find a home with The Silver Lining team, you can gain direct access to:

1) A founding leader and team with sound character, vision, commitment, and proven results.
2) The methods of million dollar earners in network marketing who are part of The Silver Lining Team;
2) Counsel in the 10 marketing methods;
3) A library of virtual information and training, through written online resources and videos;
4) Direction on the best resources for personal and business development, online and offline;
5) Education on the benefits of the herb, and how it helps people through our products.
6) A growing international network currently consisting of 6 countries and 9 states;
7) Unrivalled support according to your goals and aspirations.

In addition to that, the company will provide you with:

1) A dynamic, home based business opportunity with an already rich history;
2) Top end, highly consumable health products;
3) Fundamental business training and at home virtual training;
4) Health benefits you can actually feel;
5) A generous compensation plan for builders and retailers;
6) An All-Star company, doing things the right way, and still in the early stages!

If you are in one of our countries approved to do business, there’s nothing stopping you from capitalizing on our blueprint and making a real impact on your wealth and health with healthy coffee.

Go ahead…watch the “trailer” below to get an idea of how you can change your coffee, and change your life!


Earnings (Income) Disclaimer: Any earnings information, statements regarding income, or testimonials and examples listed on this website and all SereniGy publications used are solely to explain how the SereniGy Compensation Plan works and are not representative or guarantees of any earnings or income. Individual income results may vary significantly and are based on many factors. SereniGy Global does not guarantee or imply any specific earnings or income or any success in selling to retail customers or sponsoring other distributors. SereniGy makes no warranty or representation as to the level of success, if any, distributors may achieve by selling any product or service or in soliciting customers or distributors.Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual distributor’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors.


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